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Tuesday, January 27, 2009



-She’s a runna! She’ll getya back and foth to work withouta probem!

-…so how much?

Getting the most money for a piece I think is in everyone’s best interest. Of course, buying low and selling high is more in people’s interest. Knowing the rules of the game of buying a piece of art work before one makes a purchase may seem to remove the question of integrity from the equation, but there are basic principles of behavior that are there regardless if you post the price or not.

In this creative economy Chelsea and Wall Street are one in the same. Value comes from what people are willing to pay. I think we are moving away from the post structural/semiotic way of looking at consumption and moving to a more objective perspective on consumption. Motivation and Language are not the answer to why one consumes. Consumption is a behavior. The behavior is a measurable one, and price is also measurable. It becomes difficult when you are purchasing creativity to put a price on the product, but if the set price is purchased then it becomes about reinforcement. If the public price is not fixed upon purchase and is negotiated the principle remained the same.

Behavior <

As a investor, if I invest with you and you lose all my money: I am less likely to invest with you. As a collector, if I buy art and you negotiate an inflated price: I am less likely to purchase from you again.
If you don’t like not knowing the price, then don’t buy from someone with this policy, but a good negotiator may get a better price and be more comfortable in that arena. I personally am more comfortable with “transparency” and will agree or disagree with the value I see posted, but this may, arguably, keep more art in storage and not where it should be: being shared by people.
Hirst could not have been timelier with “For the Love of God”. Art buyers and art makers can think they are above measure, but the function of ones behavior still remains. Are you doing things “For the Love of Art”? The art world would love to think they are, but a move closer to reality and measure is here. The only way to become more “transparent“ is through a closer look at why we are doing what we are doing. Just because this gallery posts price and this one does not: does not make one more or less transparent. There are many more factors involved. What is the function of the galleries behavior?

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