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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Rose Clinton

I have always had this - never had a name for it - and stopped asking friends about this when I was in my early teens. I have no idea how long I've had it! I'm almost 50. It's usually in the daytime and although it startles me, nothing else has ever happened. Don't know why I even decided to google this today..."head explosion" just gave me gory movie stuff..."brain explosions" led me to this syndrome. I'm happy to know that others have it too. Since I've had it for 40+ years, I'd have to think it's just another thing, like Restless Leg Syndrome that I've always had. Anyone else have both?


i can't believe wot i m finally reading...have had probs for years..and when had the electric shock down my spine...ya its all adding up now...full body pain..stabbing pain in my eyes..docs can't figure out..i give up...and live with it..maybe now i don't have to live with it


Hi... sorry for my english, is not my primary language.

Well... I have had this syndrome since like 4 years ago, but it only has happened to me like 8 times. My name is Fernando and I'm 25.

Just like katesheadexploded, the sound I hear is an extremly loud BOOM sound, hollow and low, with echoe. It doesn't happen when I'm sleeping... it happens when I can't sleep... I go to bed, and I can't sleep... and just when I'm about to fall asleep: BOOM!

My heart beat faster, I'm all nervous and scared, and like a lot of you, I have to stand up and walk a little bit, and drink a little water to calm myself down.

I have noticed that the times that it happened to me, is when I go to bed a little bit hungry or when I'm very tired but can't sleep. So, I guess this syndrome is related to both strees and diet.

Feel free to email me and discuss this odd and rare, but kinda neat syndrome.

rock_rules20 at Hotmail.

fernando_paramo at Yahoo.

Val Kent

Last night I woke up about 1.10 a.m. after experiencing a sound one only can describe as an "explosion" in the head. I was absolutely terrified and my heart started racing. Also I heard voices saying silly things. I thought to myself that was I having a nervous breakdown or something, as I have been under extreme stress for some months as our business had gone into liquidation. I looked on the internet thinking that I was going mad, but feel much better now I have read all the comments!

Val Kent

Hi all!,

So glad Im not going mad! I woke up a couple of nights ago after experiencing as I can only describe "an explosion" sound in my head followed by my heart racing and loud voices going on in my head. I felt extremely anxious and frightened. I am under a lot of stress at the moment with our business going into liquidation, having not been sleeping very well etc. Feel much more reassured now I have read other comments - thank you!


i was conducting an unrelated search because of some unusual sleep patterns i was experiencing and i stumbled across a link for Exploding Head Syndrome. i only clicked the link out of curiosity because the name is so ridiculous, but as soon as i read into it i immediately identified with every symptom to a T! i had experienced these attacks as a teenager during a period of extreme stress and anxiety without ever telling a soul, and even though i have been in remission for many years i have lived with the fear that i had been on the brink of losing touch with reality and that at any given time this could happen again. i could just become crazy. i am extremely relieved to find out that this syndrome is completely benign and is not associated with any actual psychological disorders!

the attacks themselves would occur while i was awake, which i guess is less common. the most memorable one happened while i was alone in my room. it sounded like the city had exploded and was accompanied by an intense flash of light, except the sound was coming from within my head. the sound was unimaginably loud but painless. i felt terror and confusion, my heart was beating rapidly, my thoughts felt far away (that part is hard to describe) and i cried alone in my room until the feeling started to pass. part of me wanted to ask other people if they had heard anything, but i knew that would be useless. there was no doubt that it had somehow come from inside me. after assuring myself that these hallucinations were not real i became more accustomed to coping with them. after each episode i would just endure the subsequent anxiety in silence and then go on with my day. it even happened once in public while i was talking with someone. i'm sure i looked absolutely insane. but i wasn't! i just had some silly syndrome caused by a twitchy ear or cerebrum or whatever. good to know!

Tom Scanlon

Yup, just had this episode this Morning. Frightened the hell out of me, I thought of going to the ER, but looked it up online, and found this, so relieved. Tom


This is so funny! I just happened upon EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME while surfing the net at work. I work nights. I have had many episodes of a loud pop or explosion in my head It tends to be on the right side. Also crackles in the neck. I'm not so sure this is so rare from all the people responding. I thought I was having a stroke the first couple times, then I just got used to it.


I experienced EHS several times in my 20's and 30's. A startling gun shot accompanied by a blinding flash of light. There was no pain involved. And I was awake at least once when this happened. No recurrances in the last 15 - 20 years. I wonder if there could be a correlation between EHS and Bells Palsy, which I had 2 very long bouts with during the late teens and early twenties?


I never knew that this was a proper medical condition until i read about it in a MSN article. I've had it round the age of 12 but instead of hearing a ringing noise I hear loud voices. I don't have it often though and i have noticed that it only happens when im extremely tired.


i get this during the day aswell, i get a screaming noise in my head, also, if i close my eyes i see something rushing towards me. i have always just ignored it, buried my head in the sand kind of thing bu i decided to look it up. I noticed sometimes it is brough on by repetitiveness, certain songs just make me go srange and i have to turn them off. Anyone else find this?

Jodie Bee

I love that this is it's official name, as I'm always making up names to my own diagnosed illnesses that sound the same. Not that I'm a hypochondriac but yeah, I do suffer from EHS from time to time as well. Sometimes the banging noise, I've also had a high pitched white noise sound and last night it was a rackety din (I thought that the fan in our bedroom was breaking, but then realised 20 minutes later it was all in my head).
It normally happens to me if I've had a few heavy nights (so probably also with lack of sleep). I also get the head twinges or 'twangs' that somebody else spoke of. I'm always worrying that they are something more serious, however most internet searching says if it was a tumour or anyeurism I'd have some pretty horrific headache to boot.
So I guess not worrying about these things is best - as worry causes stress and stress causes head bangs and twinges!? Easier said than done though ...

Jim Champagne

Im 15 years old and Ive had Exploding Head Syndrome for some time. My first encounter was when I was six. It was all in a nightmare. Frightened the life out of me. I occasionally get an 'Attack', maybe one every six months. Though I might get an 'Attack' in a frequent number of times in a month. Or I may not have one for maybe a year. When I first had it was only when I was ill and in bed. Now, it only tends to happen while playing a video game. The sound from the game that travels out of my speakers, may trigger an attack. I feel fear and anxiety. My breath is shoterned and my heart rate is faster. What I 'Hear' in my head is rather like a man shouting in an extremely aggressive way, but also panics in desperate fear. I try not to fear the Attack but rather understand it. Try to learn what it feels like. So I did some research and I thought that it was an Auditory Hallucination. But Auditory Hallucinations are more voices than loud noises. So I has a look on wikipedia and I found Exploding Head Syndrome. Thats my story.


I just woke up to what I'd describe as an explosion in my head (no pain involved). I heard it inside my dream and woke up in a few seconds. At first I thought it might have been in the dream, but usually all the "audio" in my dreams I don't actually hear, I just kind of know it takes place. So this had to be something different.

I don't have any particular stress ATM though (just got back from a vacation). I did fall asleep with my clothes on and woke up to take them off - so I had a non-standard sleep pattern (~2 hours of sleep, ~1 hour awake, ~3 hours sleep, EXPLOSION).


I'm 38, live in Brazil, but use to travel a lot to London and Dublin. I'm an anxious person, very hard work and normally deal well wit stress. One year ago, i was sick in Dublin, with a normal cold but becaude the doctors didnt give me the right medicine,I started to be sick. Sudenly, I had a very cold and all the consequences of that. I was so sick that i couldnt breath well at night, so I started not to sleep. One night, i wa trying to sleep and I had this violent noise in my head that made me think i was dying, my heart starts to beat very quick and I went straight to the hospital. They said I needed tablets to sleep, that i had panick attack and since then, Im taking tablets to sleep. I still continue to have a bix explosion in my head, and always happen when i start to sleep. Im not depressed person, I have a normal life, sometimes, when im very relax doesnt have, but when im a little stressed i have 6 times in a night. Its terrible. I wakeup all the times and want to cry. Its very annoying...sometimes I have my legs or arms moving and sometimes i feel like I cant breath. Anyway, i went to a specilialist, made many exams and Im starting with a new medicine that calls clomipramina in portuguese. I hope it will resolve, because nobody deserves to have or i have.

Leanne Baker

Dear Rose, My husband has both, restless legs syndrome and has had 2 episodes of this head explosion feeling.

The first time he felt this sensation was in June and a few days later he was rushed into intensive care with a blood clot.

This may have no connection at all and i hope it doesn't because my husband awoke last night with the same explosion in his head.

We have been married for 18 years and when he is very tired his legs jump about the bed, (which drives me crazy) as he is asleep and does not know that he is doing it. Sometimes it is so bad that i have get out of bed for an hour until i know that he is in a very deep sleep.

I will let you know if there is any further developments, but i am hoping that this is just a coinsidenance with the head explosion and the blood clot.


I've experienced this, but literally two minutes of getting into bed. I was still very much awake and sensed what I could only descirbe as something evil.

Crashing, banging, whoosing noises followed by someone whispering "I can see you".

I could still move, still very much awake, I prayed to Jesus and within 10 seconds of that, the noises stopped.

Explain that one to me, Mr Scientist.


I have Exploding Head Syndrome from time to time. A lot of people don't seem to have their dreams connected to it, but I definitely do.

I'll be dreaming when all of a sudden there'll be these godly screams, crashes and bangs, louder than anything I've heard in real life and I'll wake up.

For some reason my dream self is always looking at something impressive or epic before this happens, like an impressive mountain range, planets hovering in the night sky or the cosmos.
Does this mean my mind might even know when this is going to happen?? If so it's almost like I'm breaking the fourth wall, how can I know something like this is going to happen enough to paint a picture to warn me?

Maybe it's an entirely different thing together, but it seems like a combination of Night Terror and Exploding Head Syndrome.


I've had this for about a year now, with nothing but a bang and a jolt, but now in the past week or so, I'm not sure if there is a bang, but there is definitely a jolt, a feeling like I wasn't breathing just now and I gasp for air, and I open my eyes immediately after it, and I see a sort of overlay of static before I see everything clearly again. Now I'm scared to go to sleep for fear that I'll suffocate. Please help me, I end up staying awake until the wee hours and am exhausted in school.

Shirley Williams

I awakened one night about 3 years ago with fireworks going off. It so startled me. The TV was on and I looked at it, colors were a bit faded and straight lines were wavy. Then I looked out into the hall and straight lines of doors and furniture were kind of wavy. I jumped out of bed knowing I was having a stroke. Went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror not knowing what to expect, saw a normal face and head; my heart was racing. I knew this was weird and frightening, so I went onto the internet putting in words like "fireworks" "hearing sounds of fireworks while sleeping" and up popped EHS. I was so happy that the word I was looking for was "exploding" that is exactly what it sounded like was an explosion. Not long after several Head Explosions, I experienced the sound of a gunshot so loud, so near, so real. I awoke and asked my husband if her heard that gunshot and he said "No, what gunshot?" I was a little angry at him since he always says that since he is a light sleeper and a military vet he could hear a rabbit pee on cotton. Why then could he not hear a loud gunshot? I've heard the gunshot twice during the past 3 years.
I do have eye floaters and have had some strange jet-black balls rolling into my sight on a stark, white background. That was also frightening. I tell myself to open my eyes so that the ball will go away. Also I had an eye exam when I experienced a lot of floaters and the physician did a 360 around my retina. He said I did not have any tears in my retina but that night I experienced a weird sight when a large, round circle came into my vision while sleeping. Inside that circle was another circle and around the inside of the two circles were numbers. At each number was a squiggly line as if depicting electric shock waves at each number. It was so strange. The next day I got out of bed and that strange sighting stayed with me all day. Then I thought long and hard and became afraid until I thought about what had happened the day before. The eye exam!! I thought what I had seen was the cylinder the doctor used to check my eyes, 360 degrees and he touched all around the eye. The exam was a little uncomfortable maybe because the drops were wearing off since I had to wait awhile to be seen as they had worked me into the schedule. My pcp says it sounds like I'm having eye migraines. These happenings are so strange, so weird, but since I survive them all, it is kind of neat but so frightening! Haven't had any weird sleep problems since I told myself to go to bed with happy thoughts. At the time of some of these happenings, I was under a lot of stress with my mom and sister hospitalized. At first I would not sleep at the foot of the bed where I was directly in front of the TV thinking that maybe I was picking up some of the action from the sounds on the TV programs. We need to continue to discus these issues.

Chris Gonzalez

I've had this experience as well. I used to do meth from time to time and I noticed a pattern with my Exploding Head Syndrome. If I stayed up longer than two days my first sleep would be fine. The night after however it would usually occur. To me it would be a loud screeching noise like a car revving up louder and louder. I would wake up terrified and try again to enter sleep. Sometimes it would take me two or three times to get in. I haven't done drugs in quite some time and I haven't experienced it since. One thing about me is that I sleep very well and I fall asleep very quickly when I want to so these experiences were always very upsetting. I can't believe there are other people out there that know about this.

Ear Ringing Cause

It's interesting that I learned about this EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME because i had already experienced this condition particularly when i'm tired the whole day before I go to sleep at night. I do believe that excessive working can really cause EHS to anyone though it is not terrifying.

Ear Ringing Cause

It's interesting that I learned about this EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME because I had already experienced this condition particularly when i'm tired the whole day before I go to sleep at night. I do believe that excessive working can really cause EHS to anyone though it is not terrifying.


I experienced something like this last night, when I was doing my regular meditating to sleep routine. It was like a shot, not a gun shot, but functioning like a shot. It had this metallic electric sound. And it sort of came out of my head, yet the actual sound felt external. It really took me by surprise. At the moment after, I sensed absolutely nothing. Then I got scared of the experience, and everything in every sensing dimension felt like expanding, and had a really warm fuzzy feeling, and I was calmed. I kept this feeling until I quickly fell asleep. I have experienced something like this two times before, the last couple of months, but as a vision of explosion in a dream, absolutely the same effect...

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