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Thursday, January 12, 2006



I first experienced this a few days ago and I had a tingling feeling at the back of my head. I went to my doctor and his first question was did i hear voices? He said that he has never heard of this before. Is it becoming more heard of to other doctors?

cody donnelly

i've been litterally suffering with this damn sydrome for about a year now.
i have tremendous pain after each episode as i've had numerous surgeries on my neck and back(both broke june 8th,1978) when these horrible explosions happen,my body jerks,i yell or scream out, i feel terrorfied...so damn scared and it makes me cry...i get so scared to go to sleep...i stay up on purpose 'cause i'm so scared of it happening! please, please help me ...i do not want to take sleepers cause i can't function right the next day. look, my life is hard enough...now this...i really cannot stand it anymore...and it hurts for up to 3-5 days after a really big one...sometimes i get three or four a night...please ...help me...i'm really begging you.
thank you,

just me,



I'm thirty five years old and I've had Exploding Head Syndrome all my life--which means I had it before the doctors even knew about. *smirk*

"Something that is rare, yet benign, is perfect!" Amen! hee


I know, this comment is a bit late, but I just discovered what I've had for since childhood. Several times a year (in episodes) I have an electric explosion in my head close to falling asleep. Several times it didn't sound (and feel) like an electric explosion, but as if someone screamed REALLY hard in my ear like "AAAAHHH!".

I feel 'blessed' with this rare syndrome !:) (and comforting to know I don't have to worry about it anymore)

juan-Carlos Lerman

Does any of you have daytime EHS? I mean it doesn't wake me up, I hear the sounds during daytime. It used to be between 1 each month to 1 each year. Now it is between 1 and 10 each hour. The exacerbation is probably due to an adverse effect of medication (Provigil, modafinil).


I have had this for at least 20 years now, and I noticed that it happens when I am under alot of stress and have not slept well in many nights. It is usually accompanied by a feeling of a strange being(who I usually perceive to be, don't laugh please--a demon) hissing in my ear. The sound is compared to a extremely loud hissing and squealing sound, more than an actual "bang" sound. I am not superstitious, and am actually working in the medical field myself. Although I am aware of what is happening and can rationalize the situation while it is occuring, I am still overwhelmed by gripping fear. Another interesting fact is that I only hear the sound in my left ear. My conclusion is that it is definitely caused by stress--much like night terrors are, which I have had since childhood. This does not happen on a nightly basis, but when it happens, I am always ready for it, psychologically speaking, and yet it still disturbs me.
Hope this helps someone else who struggles with this condition.

mark k

I had these symptoms for many agonizing months until I modified my diet by substantally reducing my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth and I noticed the episodes began when I started eating this new brand of chocolate cake. After eliminating other possible triggers, avoiding this tasty treat has proved to be my solution.

Larry Cohen

I sell electronics. I have a customer who came to me seeking a recording device to record noise which he believed his neighbors were making to annoy him. He had little sleep for a long time due to the noise being so loud and so frequent that it deprived him of sleep. He described it as a pneumatic staple gun- bam...bam bam. He said he believed the neighbors had "bugged" his condo unit, because every time he turned over in bed they "knew it" and fired the staple gun. He finally sold his condominium and moved to get away from the neighbors who he was convinced were deliberately doing this to him. All went well for several days in his new home and he began to experience the same thing. Constantly being awakened "every time I turn over in my bed". I am having trouble convincing him this is a medical problem, not a hostile neighbor following his every move. He is fearful of being seen as mentally ill. I am not sure what if any treatment exists. Any help would be appreciated.


I am glad to see people are still having an exploding head dialogue.
Larry, I definitely think your customer is mental and needs to see a therapist.

Mark, I have stopped eating gluten and have not had a head explosion in some time now. Congrats on beating the sugar, that is like getting over crack, which isn't easy.

Daniel, I think you might have tinnitus and should get it checked. Sometimes when it is on just one side though, it can also be a problem with an artery or something. If it is a demon that's fine, but if it's an exploding artery that is a big deal!

Best regards,


yeh i definately have this, it started when i was much younger in my early teens and used to really scare me. it sounded to me like cupboards banging and i'd wake up and be freaked cause everyone in my house was asleep. Its recently become more like a kind of BOOM thats hollow and kind of echoes as i wake up. its described as happening as people wake up but i often think of it as the reason i wake up. still leaves me short of breath but i know why it happens now so i can go back to sleep.


I just started having these "episodes" (I'm only 18), and the first one was like somebody with a machine gun. It scared me, but I realised not long after it began that it was in my head. Once I realised this, the noise didn't go straight away, it faded out. The next time it happened, it was a different sound; like someone was clapping. Then, just last night, it happened again but it was like a mix between a train and a gun. I knew it wasn't real, but I couldn't get it to stop which scared me even more. I covered my ears, which made it worse. Finally it disappeared once I tipped my head to the side, but I was scared it might happen again. I haven't had any bursts of light, but I did have what I think is a brain zap after the clapping one.
Lately I have been getting adequate amounts of sleep, but find I am tired during the day anyway. The only thing that may have changed in my diet is the regular iron tablets I now take. Don't know if that's a link, or my body is just over-tired for some reason?

johnpaul mcinally

i am 25 & have just found out what this problem is by searching online & finding this site, i am at ease now as i honestly thought someone was dropping massive metal gurders, i get a volt of electricity through my ear & i jump up absalutly shaking in terror & have to sleep with the lights on, i was scared to go to the docs incase i got laughed at but after reading all your stories am relaxed on going now. thanks ;-}


Dear Kristy,

I think you should go to a doctor. Maybe an ear nose and throat or a neurologist and tell them what is happening. It's best to get it on record in case it gets worse. It sounds extremely jarring and it might be keeping you from getting proper sleep at night without you even realizing it. For many of us, if we don't experience the necessary stages of sleep we get sick and go mental.

Take care,
Dr. Christina


I've been having EHS for a while, never really realised it was a real syndrome. Can be pretty surprising when im not expecting it. I get a flash of light too.


I am in my mid fifties and had EHS from a very young age until I was about 40. It would happen just as I was drifting off to sleep and the noise would be accompanied by a bright flash of light. I would actually have to feel my head to see that it was in one piece. I tripped over a small newspaper article on EHS when I was in my late thirties and so was able to reassure myself that I wasn't crazy! I was finally diagnosed with clinical depression and began treatment with an anti-depressant, Serzone. I had never been a good sleeper but with the depression under control and my brain getting the chemicals it needs, I now have good sleep patterns and have not had my head explode since. I am very happy!


I have had this syndrome for years. In the last year or so the symptoms have changed. For years, I experienced a feeling of electric shocks going up my spine and in my brain. I would be "shocked" awake and would have a hard time getting back into sleeping mode. During the last year it has changed to a loud whooshing sound, almost like a torrent of water, somewhere inside my head or body.

I'm considering a sleep study. I find it frightening and very annoying.


I'm so glad that I found this ! Early this morning I heard this very loud pop in the right side of my head... my first reaction was to check my teeth b/c I grind my teeth at night and live in fear of breaking one, lol. Then I somehow came to the conclusion that I had an aneurysm even though I have no clue what the symptoms of are, lol. Now, looking back on my crazy behavior this morning, I'm cracking up and so glad that I didn't run straight to the e.r. when I wanted to.


Hmm im 13 1/2 years old and my first one started a few months ago my second one started around a month i got scared . first one it was on a school day and i heard baaaaaang.My mom came in like 5 seconds later to wakeme up and i said did u hear a loud pop she said no. second one was at my dads hause same sound. i asked him bout it he said google exploding head syndrome it make me feel wird for it to be a rare syndrome


try this forum..it may help


I have had this for years too. It doesnt bother me anymore but Ive only just found out its a proper syndrome as I stumbled across EHS on the internet. I mentioned it to my mom and she gets it too


Im 25,
This is the second time i had the explotion i actually thought i died it was that bad the sound was like a shot gun going off right next to me it happen right when I went to sleep. Thank god its nothing to terribly bad

Godfrey Partridge

I have been having this syndrom which I call "Twanging Head" for about 6 months and find that once the initial shock has been dealt with, it greatly assisit in sleep recovery. I also feel much better slept after an episode on the following day. I have come to accept that this may be a substitute for a lack of sufficent sleep which I average 5-6 hrs/night. Do other sufferes have simmilar experiances.

Louise Bernero

So glad I stumbled across this site. I have just recently started having this...sounds like heavy metal banging together. I'm not sure if it happens in the first stage of sleep or the last. I am jolted awake and it feels as if my heart flutters.......really scares me. I just recently went to ENT doc for Vertigo attacks and constant ringing in my ears. I did not tell him about this because I did not know how to explain. He has diagnosed me with Endolymphatic Hydrops....excessive fluid in the inner ear. I return to see him in a couple of weeks and will now let him know this is occuring.....maybe it is related. I'm glad I am not the only one.

Peter Steinbach

I ran across an article on EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME (all caps FTW!) just this week and I couldn't believe it! The first time it happened to me I thought I must have dreamed about being shot in the head, which is pretty disturbing. Next time it had sort of a supernatural component.

My explosions are like extremely loud cracks or shots. Next time I'll know.

Jessica Bolton

I have this too.
I never used to know what it was, and I though I was having mild epileptic seizures. I tried explaining it to my family and they had no idea. Untill finally a few weeks ago I was bored at work and looked it up, now I can stress a lot less! I used to be so worried.
I foudn when I woke up with it, I would wake up with a very bad shortness of breath, and felt almost sick to my stomach because I wake up with such a fright, I find i'm almsot begging for a drink of water when it happens too, and I have to "walk it off" to calm myself down.

Hasn't happened in a while now, but the fact that I have a rare syndrome called "exploding head syndrome" is definetelt one to brag about!


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