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Thursday, September 01, 2005



Just a note...the photo was taken by Coke O'Neal for his upcoming show.

Rob Conger

Move over! I'm floored that he hasn't gotten more banner ad funding. I guess he doesn't want it. So, it's not even like you're on his turf. What's important about his list is that it's thorough and big (meaning non-exclusive), and yet it's hip and insider enough that you trust it. (although, he has annouced some lousy shows!)

Now, if only he organized it, maybe had a better system of type-layout (gallery in blue, address in grey?), maybe a few standardized picture sizes... soon it'd be, oh, wait,!

See, I'd loooove to see MG's the pit fit between dks and a gallery guide for the x, y, z, and d generations.

and then you guys could do some vlog stuff too! (I've got footage to offer!! Heck, assign people to go to galleries with video cameras. they're gonna be there anyway...)

P.S. Is it too incestuous to publish comments by the gallery's artists? Maybe. Of course, noooo artworld precedent there...

Lorraine M. Cox

Hey's a little blast from your past! Think back to VCU, 1992 and Elizabeth King's class??? Now think big hair, crit-day motor mouth!!! Give up? It's me, Lorraine (Menar) now Cox! I was in Mixed Greens a few weeks back and met Steve and learned that your part of the gallery. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll fill you in some more on what I am up to.

conger again

Hey... awesome to hear from you Lorraine... I've emailed you...

btw, mg artists... y'know... this is a really good place to make connections... meet people... find long-lost classmates, etc.

(and the MG staff want gossip! just you wait! we'll get you gossip!)

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